a. Pre-Elementary Classes

- these are handled by efficient, caring, and children friendly teachers, with enough seminars and trainings attended of Montessori style of learning process. Also, they provide varieties of activities with the goal of stimulating spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

b. Grade School

– this is the continuation of what they started to learn from pre-school. Children are handled by competent educators with an objective of enhancing the development of a child with regards to a free and inquiring mind of a learner.

c. Computer Classes
- JTSM believes that as we are already in the 21st century, knowledge in modern technology, using the computer as the basic tool is deemed essential.

d. Summer Classes/Tutorial Classes

- JTSM also offers advance tutorial in summer, so that the ‘continuity’ of what the children gained should be put into a continues practice. Tutorial services are guaranteed to help student with school works and develop better study habit.

e. Review Classes/Clinic Review
– instead of paying an expensive amount for tutoring, reviewing classes before the exam is the answer. Review classes are taking up all the lessons that have been taken up for the entire grading period. It is direct, concise and related to the examination to be given. It has pre-test examination also related to the post-test examination. However, it is non-compulsory.

f. Field Trip

– First, supplement for classroom instruction. Second, this will serve as their examination and projects for 1st Summ-4th Grading.

g. Recognition/Honors and Awards

– all the pupils recognized their effort and abilities showed for the entire periods. Only the students who have complied with the DepEd requirements shall be eligible to graduate with honors.

• Academic Awards

– will be received by student upon earning the DepEd requirements: Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Honorable Mention.

Institutional/Loyalty Awards

– given to deserving students who has complied with the institutional requirement and he/she receive a payback check of 5% of its total payment according to the length of year she stays in this institution as the discretion of the board.

h. Graduation Requirements:

• Only students who have satisfactorily completed the requirements of a particular program shall be eligible for graduation.

• All candidates for graduation must have their deficiencies cleared and their records in order.

• The Registrar shall publish a list of all candidates for graduation before the end of each year.

• For preliminary academic evaluation and advice, all applications for graduations must be filed with the Registrar Office not later than July 31 of their last academic year.