The Joyful Touch School of Marilao also known as JTSM is a private campus. JTSM is incorporated as non-stock, non-profit educational institution. It offers curriculum for nursery, preparatory, kinder and grade one to grade six. It is located in 22 T.Mendoza St., Saog, Marilao, Bulacan. It was founded in 2002 by Victoria G. Miranda, Directress.

Joyful Touch School of Marilao, believed that every child is unique individual and must be appreciated and valued. He is a gift of God who needs to be presented, accepted and be take cared of like a precious diamond.

Likewise, a child need a holistic development in terms of their physical, social, emotional, psychological, language, and spiritual development. And through this aim, we believed also that a child must be the center of our concern.


JTSM Inc., is a child centered institution, for we believed that a child is so precious and in their most early age is the perfect moment to inculcate positive inputs. JTSM is primarily focusing on the physical, emotional, spiritual area of a child.

1.   We expose children to all forms of educational play and activities to enhance their interest in study as their physical development is
      also being sighted.
2.   We highly valued their emotional aspect by providing special attentions that are responsive to their emotional needs.
3.   We provide them adequate spiritual nurturing and motivation. Learning through doing or play is particularly given an importance.


JTSM is an educational institution that is committed in teaching uncompromising knowledge and appropriate to the current needs of present and the future student.

"We are committed also in upholding a standard of scholastic excellence especially from the preschool level starting from the formative years of a child's life."

JTSM likewise, endeavors to develop the capabilities of each individual to his/her highest potential. To nourish and enhance their spiritual well-being and to enable them to acquire educational skills and imbibe Filipino values and culture.