Morning Exercises
- this is the time the child is encouraged to do simple stretching. To warm them up and prepare them for a half - day study.

Circle Time - a time when children are introduce to various extra - curricular activities such as; singing, dancing, reciting, playing table and indoor games and motivating them to be more creative using different materials.

Lesson Proper or Work Period - this activity is to teach children concepts or skills in an organized way either indoors or outdoors. Interactive discussions are emphasized. A combination of Montessori and DAP approach in teaching is as well being used.

Transition Activity - this is the "in - between" activity, to set the mood of the child for the next activity. Likewise, to enable them to see the conclusion or completion of the first activity that they have done.

Cooperative Play - this is their opportunity to work or play as a team; helping and building each other as cooperatively explore, observe and satisfy their curiosity.

Snack Time - the school will never allow the children to get hungry, for JSTM believed that it would affect the child’s mood in study.

Nap Time - children are given time to rest briefly after snack and also a minutes before dismissals.

Closing Time – pack – up time - this is their opportunity to say their closing prayer and bid goodbye to one another and their teachers